Our subsidiaries


Originally, Fidec Social arises from the department pay and social management of the cabinet Pricewaterhousecoopers ( Pwc) New Caledonia.

The activity pays and social management is connected with the cabinet Fidec Nc and quickly becomes a full department.

Its strong development rises in 2008 to a company dedicated to the pay and to the labor law: Fidec Social SARL livened up by Martial Nicolo as Partner and Manager.

Today consisted of 9 persons, this company is exclusively specialized in the realization of the pays (more than 2 000 pay slips handled every month) and welfare costs as well as in the council in labor law to companies.

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Fidunord is the meeting in 2011 of two offices settled for several years in the North Province :

  • Fidec Nord
  • M. Christian CHEVALDIN Office in Koné

Leading office in the North Province, Fidunord team is constituted of :

  • 1 graduate chartered accountant
  • 1 Manager
  • 6 administrative employees