Our values

FIDEC NC, strengthened over its numerous years of experience in contribution to the neo economical life of the New Calédonie, wishes to symbolize its action and its future executing the motto in 3 dimensions: professionalism, availability, opening.

Professionalism :

  • A team of multidisciplinary specialists.
  • A permanent adapted training system.
  • Powerful and specific data-processing tools.
  • Motivated speakers and their interventions
  • Assured Quality control.


  • Total geographical mobility
  • The assumption of responsibility, the coordination and the supervision of any mission by an associate.


  • Diversification of the missions of the Council:
  • Accounts assistance and social management.
  • Revision and consolidations.
  • The Councils in taxation, Management, Finances.
  • Organizations, Inheritance.
  • Financial engineering.
  • Training.
  • Accompaniment in all the steps and negotiations.
  • Externalisation of the administrative tasks of the pay of accountancy.